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We are looking for places where the technologies of tomorrow meet today's challenges. We take advantage of Data Science methods. We are interested in projects concerning the Internet of Thing, including Smart solutions for monitoring the environment. We want our solutions to really improve the quality of life and make the actions of our clients more efficient.


We form an organization based on a team of experts, focused on conducting and commercializing the results of Research & Development works in terms of Smart solutions and environmental technologies.


• Feature Forest solutions really improve the quality of life and make our clients' actions more efficient.
• We search for developmental niches in terms of environmental technologies.
• We create our products with passion and enthusiasm, taking advantage of state-of-the-art technological achievements.


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How to quickly identify the sources of air pollution harmful for the health?

How to constantly monitor the level of air pollution in reference to the norms and regulations?

How to predict the spreading of pollution due to weather conditions?


The fPerception system allows to immediately detect hazardous chemical compounds polluting the air. With the use of an app, clients of Feature Forest can monitor the current state of air pollution at a given location, in real time. The fPerception app compares the level of pollution with the norms, and alerts if they are exceeded. It also allows to predict the spreading of the monitored chemical compounds.

The solution is fully scalable and flexible. It meets the requirements of various industries, taking into consideration their specifics. A pilot implementation of fPerception has been executed as an answer to the needs of the Port of Gdańsk and financed in terms of the Space3ac Intermodal Transportation accelerator.



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How to face an order which requires advanced skills and knowledge in terms of IT?
How to execute an additional project without the need to increase employment?
How to handle insufficient IT skills of a project team?
How to improve or broaden internal IT functionalities?
How to efficiently implement new IT solutions at a company?
How to take maximum advantage of the knowledge and skills possessed by the team's members, reducing their implementation time?


Body Leasing IT constitutes a flexible and dynamic solution for those companies which need to multiply resources concerning knowledge and skills, as well as to speed up the works. The Feature Forest team is a group of remarkable IT specialists, thanks to which you will efficiently implement the planned projects. Body Leasing IT means:
• access to experienced IT specialists,
• outsourcing competences - the verified knowledge and skills of our consultants,
• freedom in terms of selecting the team's members,
• convenient manner of settling for the service,
• reducing staff expenses.


Port of Gdańsk is the oldest Polish seaport which is currently regarded as the largest container hub of the Baltic sea and one of its leading ports. Feature Forest, together with the Port of Gdańsk, conducted a pilot implementation of the fPerception project.
The mission behind the Space3ac accelerator is to develop the Polish space sector by combining the needs of the industry and state-owned enterprises with the potential of startups, the experience of experts, and financing. Feature Forest, together with 15 other startups, finished the Space3ac acceleration program in February 2018. The result of our works conducted in terms of the accelerator consists in a solution for monitoring air pollution - fPerception.
The Spanish company Libelium, a market leader in terms of IoT solutions, provides the sensors for Feature Forest.
Working closely with the employees of the University of Warsaw we actively execute the concept of a cooperation between science and business.
Interizon, a Pomeranian Cluster, is one of the most rapidly developing clusters of the ICT sector in Poland. It constitutes a platform for a cooperation between entities from the IT, telecommunication, electronics, automated technology, and robotics industries. As a Key National Cluster, Interizon supports the most innovative startups, working in these terms with the representatives of large business.


Piotr Woźniak Business Development
Agata Roguz Data Analysis
Jarosław Parzuchowski Sales and Marketing
Radosław Molenda Software Development
Michał Chiliński IoT and Environmental Protection

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